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  1. star Noel Fisher
  2. Writed by Josh Trank
  3. Countries Canada
  4. Josh Trank

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This song reminds me of my dad ever Since he is not with. Me I cry when I hear this song😭😢. Müthiş amk wanderful broo Turkiye!. Lol i love dis can some one tel me how can i get dis on my phone.


THUMBS UP if holden13 from Justin tv send you here. O.G CAPONE. Song still slaps. Tom Hardy + Capone = Oscar 👏🏼😁. Who listening in 2018? 🖤. The quality was poopy. Bien chingon ese capone.

No one will compare to boardwalk empire Capone. This looks like trash

They always cheat with someone uglier 😂. The scenes in which he's surrounded by bodies don't actually look real. Maybe this is more a psychological thriller about an old Capone reflecting back on the life he's chosen? Could be an interesting angle if executed correctly. I remember my brother always watch this when he was a teen. Marlon Brando but on cocaine. Ass mexican. This looks great! I'm getting a Black Mass vibe from this trailer. I'm happy to see Josh Trank is back, too. Hopefully, this film will redeem him, as he's a promising director, in my opinion. Plus, Tom Hardy is an excellent choice to portray Capone; the guy can do no wrong.

He was years ahead of his time yet he was taken years ahead of his time. This one hurts more than any other and won't stop. The Great Patrice O'neal was magic. Classic. Take me back tooooo. Still jammin in 17 that real muzic.

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  • 1000 / 1000